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All of these demands plus the life stresses that they have to face can put a strain on their body and place their health at risk. So why not take care of dad with Chiropractic!

Given that, men, fathers most especially, need to take care of their health. Many of them tend to disregard symptoms of health issues until their condition becomes serious. A lot of them do not pay attention to the importance of prevention like getting regular chiropractic care. Among the most common health conditions that men suffer from are prostate cancer, lung cancer, suicide/depression, stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure.

Anyone can benefit from Chiropractic, but men especially can benefit in many ways.


- Reduced neck and back pain

- Improved joint mobility

- Increased ability to cope with stress

- Reduced tension, pain, headaches and other symptoms

- Increase in energy and vitality

- Greater flexibility, strength and co-ordination

- Greater emotional wellbeing

- Higher performance and productivity

- Reduced risk of spinal decay/degeneration

- Increased immune system

We all love our fathers and we want them to be around for a very long time. So, why don't you consider giving your dad a gift of health during Fathers Day? A few gift ideas are a gym membership, a basket full of supplements, new sneakers he can use to walk or jog, a pillow, a massage, or even a visit to Three Lamps Chiropractic for a much needed spinal adjustment. For Fathers Day we are offering our Initial Consultation and Treatment for $40 (normally $135). To book an appointment call 09 378 0069 or book online. (Mention this offer- to be purchased before 5th September 2021- valid for 6 months)