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Chiropractic Can Help Your Body Run More Efficiently

Everyone knows that it is important to exercise regularly and eat right to take care of our bodies. But what if you are in too much pain to be able to exercise comfortably or safely? What if your range of motion is limited by stiffness?

By restoring proper joint movement, muscle tone and circulation that result from misalignment, chiropractic helps the body become less limited in the types of and amount of movement it can perform well.

EFFICIENCY. It is something we all look for in home appliances or cars. How much energy will this thing take to run? Does the system have any weaknesses? If it's a used car, we want to know if the car has been serviced regularly and if the parts have been properly cared for. We know that when one thing is out of balance, the whole system becomes less effective. The same is true for the human body. Regular maintenance plays a significant role in overall 'fitness'. When all systems are fully supported and functioning properly, we run, work, and play better. The added benefit of this is we look better and we live longer.

Though it can be difficult to define, physical fitness refers to a state of overall health that includes the ability to perform a range of activities, from a hard workout to working comfortably at a desk, with ease and efficiency and anything in between.

There are four interrelated types of fitness that contribute to complete health:
- Muscular Fitness, which includes muscle strength and endurance;
- Flexibility, which includes muscle/tendon elasticity and range of motion;
- Cardio-Respiratory Fitness, which includes the heart, lungs, and blood vessels;
- Body Composition, or the percentage of body fat to nonfat tissues (bones, organs, etc.)

Because no one system functions independently, the fitness of each affects all the others.

While it's important to get adequate exercise, eat right, and treat our bodies kindly to maintain health in all of the above categories, regular alignment or "maintenance" through chiropractic adjustments is very important in improving overall fitness.

At Three Lamps Chiropractic we works towards balancing the body's systems- bones, muscles, nerves, and organs- through proper posture and alignment. Regular chiropractic care allows the whole body to perform at its best by increasing energy reserves as it decreases the stress and fatigue that can result from improper alignment.

In fact many sports star use chiropractic care to maintain peak physical performance; Lance Armstrong- Adjusted twice a day during every one of his seven Tour de France wins; Lleyton Hewitt- Along with several other Australian pro tennis players, receives regular Chiropractic care; Tiger Woods- Shares the same chiropractor as Lance Armstrong, seen on TV receiving chiropractic adjustments on the green in competition; the list goes on.

Chiropractic care is all about "correcting bio-mechanical faults and misalignments, and treating injuries with hands-on work, so that the athletes can return to play faster and better. Though it may a feel like a miracle, the principle of chiropractic is simple. When the body is well aligned, muscles, joints, and ligaments function together with greater ease. Internal organs aren't hindered- the lungs and heart are better able to do their jobs. Perhaps even more importantly, chiropractic care helps prevent injuries that can result from overtaxing a particular part of the body that may be compensating for those that aren't functioning as well. Through chiropractic the body gets a tune-up. We're ready to roll more efficiently and with a greater sense of well being.

How would you rate your physical fitness? Would you like to learn how chiropractic can help you with your goals? Come in and see us to find out how we can help you.

At Three Lamps Chiropractic we aim to provide you with the highest quality of care. We use many different techniques combined to give you the best result possible.

Karen Williams 
B.Sc. M.Chiropractic