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As Chiropractors, we believe nutrition, including diet and fitness, plays an important role in your overall health and wellness. When treating you during your appointments, we focus on two major systems in your body: the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. 
There are many things you can do to help your body’s systems work better, and taking vitamins and supplements is one of the most popular options.

According to a recent study from the National Institute of Health, 80% of chiropractors in NYS reported that they counsel their patients in nutrition in addition to the chiropractic treatment (Source). Not sure why that is? Here are some ways Chiropractic Care and nutrition counseling work best together:
  • Holistic Approach
    This approach focuses on caring for your entire body rather than a disease or illness’ symptoms. The Holistic Approach uses food and natural treatment instead of medicine to improve and maintain your health.
  • Nutrition Adjusting Subluxations
    Your nutrition, including the food you eat and the supplements you take, can influence your physical wellbeing. For example, low levels of Vitamin D can cause lower back pain while vitamin B can prevent liver dysfunction.
Taking vitamin and supplements is an easy way to take care of your body now and in the future. 

Here are how some supplements and vitamins can impact your health.
  • Potassium regulates nerve impulses and therefore can prevent uncontrolled signaling of nerves, which can lead to conditions like epilepsy.

  • Calcium is a major element of your bones and helps them to grow and remain strong. Since it’s an important mineral to numerous body systems, your body will take calcium from your bones if you aren’t getting enough of it elsewhere in your body.

  • Vitamin D promotes bone growth and development. It is one of the most important nutrients for proper bone health, as it helps your body process and absorb calcium.

  • Vitamin B12 is essential for your nervous system and metabolism. It breaks down complex carbohydrates into simplistic glucose that your brain then uses for basic functions. It also helps maintain a healthy amount of the nerve insulator, myelin, which is used for nerve transmission.

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