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Our Clinical Philosophy

At our clinic, we believe that any treatment protocol must address the body at many levels. We strongly believe in using an integrated approach to your health. We combine essential aspects of numerous disciplines to provide a comprehensive, multi-factorial approach to your treatment protocols.

For example, most patients are aware that Chiropractors improve bio-mechanical function by adjusting the spine. However, patients are often unaware that Chiropractors view health care from a greater perspective that includes general life-style habits such as stress levels, exercise, diet etc.

Patients who do not make appropriate life-style changes in conjunction with their Chiropractic care will find that the improvement they experience is short lived. Biomechanical and neurological change takes time. Unless treatments are accompanied by changes in other aspect of life symptoms will not only return but may get progressively worse and harder to treat.

We have all developed some degree of bad habits over the years. Poor posture, little or no physical movement, untreated old injuries, eating and drinking too much of the wrong things - well you get the picture. You name it we will all without fail have bad habits. Problems that arise from these bad habits are only your own body's response to what you are doing to it - sore back, knees, neck, shoulders, digestive problems, breathing problems…….. For example poor posture will shorten some muscles and weaken others. With time the shortened muscles become shorter and the weaker become weaker. This adaptation to your posture will inevitably cause not only muscle problems but may affect associated joints as well. Unless there is a attempt to change your posture the problem will never really go away but only become worse.

A chiropractic adjustment will establish a new and more optimal pattern of movement for the joint and surrounding muscles. Appropriate exercises and life-style changes act to support the change that has taken place and ensures the muscles change their existing pattern of movement.

At the same time, a patient who exercises, and has not addressed muscle tension that has built up due to repetitive motion may see only minimal results. This why we treat not only the bony structures, but also associated soft tissue restrictions - muscles, tendons, ligaments.

Diet is also an important issue, poor dietary habits will always impair healing. This is common sense. The body cannot effectively repair itself if the fundamental building blocks of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals are not present.
Our Treatment Objectives

1. Resolve your condition. Our primary treatment objective is to resolve whatever condition you are dealing with. We are not interested in seeing you for the same condition over and over again. Our success rate is over 90% at resolving soft tissue conditions.

2. Provide you with a rehabilitative strategy so your condition does not return. Every patient who is treated at our clinic is given appropriate advice on appropriate rehabilitative exercises - flexibility, strength, cardiovascular and balance.

3. We want you to understand why we applied the treatment protocols that we used. We like to explain our treatment protocols to our patients so they are comfortable with each procedure and understand the logic behind each treatment procedure.

4. We are always working to improve the services that we provide. We are constantly teaching or taking courses to further our knowledge to ensure we provide you with the best service possible.

We want to know how we are doing. We work very hard at surpassing the treatment objectives for which you came to our clinic. To do this, we need your feedback, certainly we want to know if you are happy with the treatment protocols, but even more importantly, we want to know if we are not meeting your objectives. We will always do our best meet those objectives.

Dr Karen Williams


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