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Muscle pain is often rooted in spinal misalignment and joints have to work overtime trying to compensate for an out of balance backbone.


Chiropractic Adjustments for muscle therapy

Since muscles, joints and bones work together they must be treated in consideration of one another. Chiropractic adjustments can help with spinal alignment, which is a key factor in correcting muscle imbalances and minimising strain on joints. Through manual manipulation an experienced chiropractor can help bring your spine back into alignment and help facilitate healing from injured and overworked muscles.

Muscular pain can be extruciating or just down right annoying. When resolving pain it involves several factors: ceasing or modifying the aggravating activities, seeking treatment and sometimes dietary changes.


Magnesium may help you along your recovery path as it helps the muscles to relax.

It helps muscles relax as it stops calcium inflow into nerve cells ie. stopping the muscular contraction. If you are deficient you are more likely to suffer from muscle cramps and twitches. There are other causes of involuntary muscle twitches eg. stress and excessive caffeine consumption.

Magnesium is used in many different processes in the human body and it can be lost through sweat or urine excretion. Some people don't absorb it well through their gut which causes them to be low in Magnesium.

Men need 420mg of Magnesium per day

Woman need 320mg of Magnesium each day

Pregnant woman need 19-31 years old 350mg per day
                                      31-50 years old 360mg per day

At Three Lamps Chiropractic we have many types of Magnesium available. Please ask so we can advise the most suitable Magnesium for you and your condition.

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