What to expect

First Visit (Initial Consultation) - When you first arrive at Three Lamps Chiropractic, you’ll be welcomed by our friendly chiropractic assistant and given a Health History form to fill out.

Then, our chiropractic assistant will show you to a room and explain what you can expect for that visit.

Consultation: Your chiropractor will discuss your health concerns and goals and see if chiropractic is likely to help you.

Examination: The chiropractor will perform a physical examination, orthopaedic tests, muscle test, neurological tests, range of motion and postural analysis. These tests help us understand your nervous system health and guide our recommendations for your care.

X-rays: If needed will be referred, X-rays will be taken of your spine as they help give us a detailed understanding of the condition of your spine as well as locate any possible bone abnormalities or fractures, so we better understand your spinal health.

Please expect to spend around 45 minutes with us on this first visit

Second Visit (Report of Findings)

Report of findings: You’ll be shown to an adjusting room where you’ll be given our report of findings, results of your scans and any X-rays taken, and we’ll outline our recommendations for care.

Your first adjustment: Your chiropractor will give you your first adjustment, selecting the perfect technique for your needs.

This visit usually lasts around 30 minutes.

We have a series of informational brochures we’ll provide to you as you progress in your care. We want you to always be informed and understand where your health stands.

Your Regular Visits – Spinal Adjustments

Each chiropractic adjustment builds on your previous adjustment visit. These regular visits allow you and your chiropractor to discuss your improvements and progress of your care plan to ensure your goals are reached and maintained.

These visits are convenient at up to 10 minutes long so can be fitted in to suit your schedule. Or you can choose to combine your chiropractic adjustments with a massage. These visits are up to 15 minutes long.

Choosing a Lifetime of Health

A healthy spine helps your nervous system run smoothly, contributing to a healthier body and helping you function at a higher level. The adjustments themselves only take a few minutes, but each appointment builds on the one before creating lasting change in your spine and nerve system.

Your health is your choice. We’d love to see you visit us for regular adjustments, yet we never pressure you. You’re in charge!
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