Nutrition/Supplements and Lifestyle Advice (Wellness Care)

At Three Lamps Chiropractic we provide comprehensive programs incorporating quality Natural Medicine supplements, with dietary and lifestyle advice to improve your health.

Lifestyle advice addresses a wide range of support including diet, nutritional supplement guidance, exercise, proper movement and lifting techniques, how to prevent recreational and ergonomic work injuries, and sleeping tips. These aspects create a balanced life, which can improve health, speed up healing, and maintain wellness.

Nutritional advice supports your body to better manage stress, sleep better, maintain a healthy immune system and control weight. It also supports injury recovery because antioxidants and lean protein assist with cellular repair and lower internal inflammation. A proper diet can improve or prevent conditions such as obesity, diabetes, coronary artery disease and conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system. Good nutrition helps maintain a healthy weight, which in turn reduces strain on the back and joints. Processed foods, preservatives and eating excessive sugar - and sugar is hidden in a lot of foods - can lead to inflammation, fatigue, and decreased energy. Nutritional support can help you make better choices with simple dietary changes that improve general health.

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